Andrew Archer, illustratore

Una piccola rivista che Andrew Archer ha creato per gli amici e la famiglia e composta da una serie di brevi racconti, scherzi e gli eventi dell’anno.

26 pagine, 14/28 cm. Tecnica mista su carta da acquerello e digitale.

“X-Games comes to NZ with spectacular motorbike stunts! Little did the audience know that it was actually an exaggerated scenario of myself falling off my skateboard earlier in the year.”

“Inspired by the surroundings of the X-Games, a man then attempted to take part in the event in his American muscle but gravity prevailed and ended in disqualification.”

“After such events its only appropriate to give some tips on driving and how you can use them to your benefit. In this case, a poorly timed U-turn lead to making casting for the next Matrix film.”

“With everything automotive going wrong, your best bet is to rely on public transport. In this case Auckland’s Britomart train station falls very short of being fast, on time and even useable.”

“If your looking for a good transport alternative, the Austin Martin is always a nice option and most people would go to great lengths to obtain one and hopefully make casting for not only the next Matrix, but a James Bond film also.”

“James Bond maybe able to do it, but taking off on a luggage carrier at Auckland airport next to an airplane probably isn’t the best way to getaway for a holiday.”

“Accidents happen… and its more than likely everyone has been in one. Citizens of Auckland city are very lucky to have the fine forces of Saint John Ambulance’s.”

“If a getaway via airplane isn’t your cup of tea, theres always the option to make the journey via boat. Auckland city has some great islands to visit, the only downfall is the poor parking skills of some drivers.”

“The parking doesn’t get any better on land either.”

“The mainland does sport the Auckland domain though, a well preserved park which makes up for all the bad reviews our beaches have had in recent testing.”

“So take a holiday, train ride, driving lesson or even dare to take a swim at a Auckland beach & have a great year :)”